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12/17: What changes on 1 January 2018?

The three Belgian regions have decided to subject the vehicle category N1 with a body code BC (semi-trailer tractors of 3.5 tons or less) to the payment of the kilometer charge in Belgium as of 1 January 2018. Moreover, from that date, the toll tariffs will be indexed in Wallonia, new tolled roads will be added in Flanders and Wallonia, and the amount of the fines will be adapted. Note that the EURO 5 and EURO 6 emission classes will also be priced differently in Flanders and in Brussels.

At Satellic, we adapt the periodicity of our bi-monthly invoices as of 1 January 2018: the billing documents will be issued twice a month on a fixed date, instead of every two weeks at different dates. This means that all invoices will be dated on the 15th of the month and on the last day of the month.

More information in our FAQ and on the Viapass website.