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When you register your payment method at a Service Point, you can choose between pre-paid or post-paid:

●      For post-paid, payments with credit cards and fuel cards, as well as payments via a business partner * or per direct debit are accepted

●      For pre-paid, credit cards, debit cards, fuel cards and cash are accepted 

*Only if you are already a client of this Business Partner.

Top Up

When you choose the pre-paid method, you can top up your credit by a maximum of €200 per time, to a total maximum balance of €1,000. The balance is shown on the display of your OBU. Minimum top up is €20.

When your pre-paid credit drops below €50, you are warned by a beeper and a warning message is shown on the OBU’s display. You should top up either at the nearest Service Point, or online via the Road User Portal.