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The OBU is a mobile device. This means that it can easily be installed by applying the suction cups to the windscreen and connecting the power cable to the cigarette lighter socket. The first installation and update might take a couple of minutes. Make sure that the green light of the OBU is on when you start driving and that no error message is displayed on the screen. We recommend that you leave the OBU plugged in at all times.

The On Board Unit comes with a Quick Start Guide. Make sure your windscreen is free of grease and dirt, and that the OBU doesn’t obstruct your view. Remember that the OBU must be levelled horizontally.

If you want a fixed installation of the OBU in your vehicle, you have to keep the rechargeable battery in the OBU at all times. You are only allowed to remove the rechargeable battery (and the external power cable) if you are required to due to safety regulations (ADR/ATEX transport). You can perform this fixed installation yourself or in your preferred workplace. VDO or Phelect perform these installations too. Click here to find all VDO and Phelect workplaces.