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What is the fleet invoice/fleet tax statement?

The fleet invoice (Wallonia)/fleet tax statement(Brussels/Flanders) is an official document accepted by the Belgian tax authorities which gathers, per region and per payment mean, all the toll driven by your fleet and which is due for payment.
This document is the only official document you need to give to your accountant.
Annexed to the fleet invoice/fleet tax statement, you will find the details per vehicle-OBU combination, which includes the detailed trip statement per region. 

You can download each fleet invoice/fleet tax statement separately on the Road User Portal. The annex is to be downloaded per vehicle. We strongly advise you to read our RUP manual “Download the fleet invoice/fleet tax statement” for more information. 

Mind that only customers who pay for toll on a post-paid scheme with a fuel card, via a Business Partner or by direct debit will receive the fleet invoice/fleet tax statement. Those customers will automatically get the fleet invoice/fleet tax statement, and it is free of charge. No fleet invoice/fleet tax statement can be produced for a period preceding December 5, 2016.

Tip! If you want to receive a fleet invoice/fleet tax statement but you are currently on a pre-paid scheme, or on a post-paid scheme payment with credit card, we recommend you to change to one of the following post-paid payment means: either Fuel card, Business Partner or Direct Debit. More information in our FAQ: How do I change my payment means?