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Tariff indexing in July 2017: what changes?

The Belgian toll decrees foresee a yearly indexing of the toll tariffs.
This year, the toll tariffs will be indexed on 1 July 2017 in Brussels and in Flanders, according to the latest index. There will be no indexing of the toll tariffs in Wallonia. However, 33 kms of Wallonian roads will be added to the kilometer charging system from that date onwards.

In a nutshell: from 1/07/2017

Wallonia: 33 kms of new tolled roads added
Flanders: tariff indexing
Brussels: tariff indexing

In order to implement the changes mentioned above, the OBUs need to be updated. Like a mobile phone, to be able to download the latest update, the OBU must be switched on. Read our FAQ "How to get ready for the tariff indexing of 1 July 2017?" to make sure you get the last OBU update and stay compliant with the Belgian regulations after 1 July.