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I have a semi-trailer tractor of 3.5 tons or less. Am I subject to the payment of the kilometer charge in Belgium?

Yes. From 1 January 2018, the N1 vehicle category with a body code BC, ie. semi-trailer tractors of 3.5 tons or less, will be subject to the payment of the kilometer charge (in Belgium).This means that these vehicles must have, at all times and on all the roads, a functioning On Board Unit. The official communication is to be found on the Viapass website, and in this Viapass video.

To stay compliant with the Belgian kilometer charging regulations, you must install an OBU (On Board Unit) in your truck. The OBU calculates the amount of the kilometer charge. Important: We recommend you however to not switch on the OBU on a Belgian public road before 1 January 2018! If the OBU is fixed installed in your truck, then you should "decouple" the OBU on the Road User Portal (RUP) till 1/1/18.

You can get this OBU from Satellic: either online via the Road User Portal (delivery in 2 to 5 days), or by stopping at one of the more than 120 Satellic service points located in Belgium. If you need an OBU urgently, we recommend you to go to a service point. 

Which documents and what information do you need to get an OBU?

> You will need the vehicle documents justifying the following data: the country of origin of the vehicle, the licence plate number, the Gross Combination Weight Rating (GCWR) of the vehicle and the emission class*. To get your OBU, you will need to upload (Road User Portal) or scan (Service Point) a copy of all the relevant documents justifying this data.
> You will also need to upload at least one document that clearly indicates that the vehicle is a N1 BC semi-trailer tractor: Identification Report, Technical File, Vehicle Registration Certificate, Certificate of Conformity, or possibly the conversion document. If it is not possible to conclude with certainty on basis of the uploaded documents that it is a vehicle of type N1 BC, the owner has to contact Satellic Customer Support.

It is important that the data you have entered on the Road User Portal or at the Service Point for your vehicle, matches the data specified on the vehicle papers. You are then assured that the amount of toll you will have to pay will be correct and also sure you will not get any fine.
We remind you that people who are not compliant with the Belgian regulations on the kilometer charge on 1 January risk a fine amounting to maximum € 1,000!

*In some cases, the emission class (EURO) is not indicated on the registration documents: please use the table entitled "Semi-trailer towing vehicles: Emission table when no euro norm is indicated", which is to be found on the Viapass website.