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Deposit and Prepaid Balance Refund

Satellic refunds your deposit automatically within 30 days after the OBU (including cable, battery and suction cups) is returned undamaged, arrived at our warehouse and if a valid bank account number (IBAN and BIC) has been entered in the RUP or at a service point. The same applies for the remaining prepaid balance. For your convenience and to make accounting follow-up easier, we also include the OBU-ID in the reference of the reimbursement. 

Please note that a quality check will be conducted upon reception of your OBU.
Tip! Make sure you correctly return your OBU: read our very useful leaflet “Returning your On Board Unit? Make sure you don’t forget anything!”

When returning an OBU, you have to insert your bank details in your account, via the Road User Portal or at a Service PointIf you have a full account, you will have to confirm those details (details of the bank account on which you want to be reimbursed) for each OBU you return. The deposit will be reimbursed only after this confirmation.

If you got your OBU at a Service Point and you haven’t yet registered yourself in the RUP, you can also simply log onto the RUP (or at a Service Point) by using your License Plate Number, country code and PIN in order to provide the relevant bank data.

IMPORTANT! Please be aware that the deposit and the prepaid balance refund are blocked until valid bank details (IBAN and BIC) are specified on the RUP or at a Service Point.