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Can I recuperate the VAT on the Sofico fleet invoice (Wallonia)?

Belgian companies can recuperate the VAT in their Belgian VAT return. Foreign Companies can recuperate the Belgian VAT through the European VAT refund procedure. You only need to submit the fleet invoice, which is to say the Sofico document named “FACTURE” to the VAT authorities. You do not need to submit the annexes ( document entitled “Annexe”). This has been confirmed by the VAT authorities. However you will need to keep the annexes at the disposal of the Tax authorities in case of a Tax control in the future. Please note that the toll is 100% deductible and that the Belgian VAT refund for 2016 can be claimed until 30/09/2017 by non-Belgian companies. For more information, please check with your accountant.

IMPORTANT! To be able to receive the fleet invoices of the Walloon region and to recuperate the VAT in the future, you need to have a full accountIn this overview table you see all the advantages of a full account compared to a temporary fast-track account.

Please note that any Sofico fleet  invoice (fleet invoice of the Walloon region) you might need in order to get a VAT refund is available on the Road User Portal (RUP). To access them, log onto the RUP, click on “My Invoices”, choose the desired “invoice date” and click on “View >>” (on the same line to the right), click on the payment mean for which you wish to see the fleet invoice. Under the “Document type” column, you will see “Fleet invoice”. On the same line, click on “French” (under the “Download” column to download your fleet invoice. The fleet invoice of Wallonia (Sofico invoice) is only available in French.