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Road User Portal and Service Point: the difference

To comply with the Belgian Kilometre Charging System, road users must obtain an On Board Unit. There are two possible ways to get an OBU:

Road User Portal

The most convenient way to get an OBU is via the Road User Portal. On the Road User Portal, you have access to your own personalised secured online environment within the Satellic website where you can register your company and vehicles, order one or more OBUs, couple and decouple vehicles and OBUs, and manage your data in an easy and accessible way.

Click here to see the advantages of a Full account (on the RUP) compared to the temporary fast-track account (at the service point)

Service Point

You can also get an OBU at a Service Point, which you can find all over Belgium, and along the Belgian borders in neighbouring countries. At a Service Point, you can obtain an OBU via a fast-track registration. To get access to all Satellic’s services, you must upgrade your fast-track account or merge it with an existing account on the Road User Portal.

Important! A fast-track account is a temporary basic account which is only valid during 15 days! You therefore need to upgrade to a free full account within this period e.g. to be able to get official invoices and to recuperate the 21% VAT on the invoices of the Walloon region (Sofico invoices). Consult our Manual "From Fast-track to full account" to see how to upgrade easily.

So, a Service Point is the place to go when:

  • You are about to enter Belgium without an OBU
  • You urgently need an OBU
  • You urgently want to exchange a non-working OBU for a new one
  • You want to top up your pre-paid balance which is running low and you don’t have access to the Road User Portal

Satellic Business Partners

The Satellic Partners offer you support when getting ready for the Belgian Kilometer Charging System and for paying the toll. 

The support offered differs from partner to partner. Some partners only assist with the registration of your account, whilst others will take care of the whole process from the registration of your account to the coupling of the On Board Unit to your vehicle. 

Also for paying the toll you can rely on the Satellic Partners. Besides the accepted fuel cards, several partners serve as a third-party payer and guarantee the payment of the toll to Satellic. 

If you are interested in a cooperation with a partner, please get in contact with one of the Satellic partners and check out their offers.