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What do you pay?

Two components have to be paid:

  • A €135 deposit per OBU
  • The toll

How do you pay?

At Satellic we offer the largest choice of payment means of the market, ranging from fuel, debit and credit cards, to cash, bank transfer and even direct debit and Business Partner payment. However not all payment methods can be used in all cases at a Service Point or on the RUP.

Accepted third-party payers: overview

  • TLV
  • Gabriëls
  • Octa + 
  • Fuels Maes
  • Power Oil
  • Febetra
  • DATS 24
  • The Fuel Company
  • ZMPD

Accepted fuel cards: overview

Card Issuer       

  • ARAL / BP  
  • AS24 
  • DKV    
  • ENI / AGIP  
  • eurotoll  
  • euroShell    
  • eurotrafic
  • ESSO / WEX
  • E100
  • Global Star  
  • Logpay        
  • Multi Service Tolls           
  • OMV            
  • Plose          
  • RESSA        
  • Statoil        
  • SVG / HGK  
  • TOTAL       
  • UTA            
  • W.A.G.   
  • Vialtis

Accepted credit cards: overview

  • VISA

 When do you pay? Pre-paid or post-paid

You can pay the toll in two ways. You can either pay before you start driving, or start driving and pay later. These options are called pre-paid and post-paid.

If you opt for pre-paid, you will need to top up your OBU before driving in Belgium. When you start driving, you can see the remaining balance on the OBU and on the Road User Portal at all times. If you return an OBU which still has a credit balance, Satellic will refund this.

If you choose post-paid via credit card or fuel card, payments will be carried out using the regular card issuer process. 

Where do you pay?

You can pay on the Road User Portal, at a Service Point or via a Satellic Partner


The table below provides you with a full overview of the different payment methods that can be used online or at the Service Points, both for the OBU deposit and for the toll itself.

    Road User Portal Service Points
  Credit cards
Fuel cards
Debit cards
Bank transfer
Credit cards
Fuel cards
Debit cards
Toll Pre-paid Credit cards
Fuel cards
Debit cards
Bank transfer
Credit cards
Fuel cards
Debit cards
Credit cards
Fuel cards
Business Partner 
Direct Debit


Credit cards
Fuel cards 
Business Partner*
Direct Debit

*Only if you are already a client of this Business Partner.

Useful tip:

When you collect your OBU from a Service Point, you will still have to upgrade your account to a full account on the Road User Portal if you want to have full access to all Satellic’s services.