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How does the On Board Unit work?

By attaching the OBU to the windscreen and switching it on, it detects the longitude and latitude of the vehicle’s position with the help of satellites, and matches this with a digital map stored in the OBU. By doing so, each journey on Belgian roads is registered in the OBU.

These data define the exact routes driven so the toll due can be calculated. The OBU works autonomously as long as the light is green and no error message appears on the screen. The OBU must be switched on before entering Belgium and whenever you are driving on any Belgian road.

Where to get an OBU

An OBU can be obtained through the Road User Portal or at a Service Point by paying a deposit of €135 per OBU.

Ordering multiple OBUs in one transaction is only possible through the Road User Portal.

What is a working OBU?

Only a Satellic OBU, ordered via the Road User Portal or obtained at a Service Point, can be used. The OBU must be correctly coupled to the vehicle, meaning that the data you register about the maximum authorised weight and emission class must be correct and supported by the vehicle documents you have submitted.

The OBU has to be switched on whenever you are driving on the Belgian road network, even when you are not driving on a tolled road. The OBU must show a constant green light and no error message while you are driving.


The On Board Unit comes with a Quick Start Guide. You can install the OBU easily with the suction cups delivered with it. No tools are necessary. Make sure your windscreen is free of grease and dirt, and that the OBU doesn’t obstruct your view. Remember that the OBU must be levelled horizontally. To power the OBU, you just have to plug the power cable into the cigarette lighter socket. We recommend that you leave the OBU plugged in at all times.

You will be reminded by a flashing display and continuous beeping to switch on the OBU by pushing the ON button (V) whenever you start your journey. The feature will be visible only on OBUs not installed with the 3 wires fixed installation.

Fixed wired installation

It is also possible to connect your On Board Unit permanently to the vehicle’s electrical system using a fixed cable. The additional costs for a fixed installation are borne by the vehicle owner. The following organizations have a network of professional installers offering the installation service:

Click here to find all VDO and Phelect workplaces. 


Returning the OBU

You can return your OBU by sending it back per post (to Arvato Services Healthcare Benelux, Maalbeekweg 57, 1930 Zaventem Belgium). Just log in into the RUP, and follow the process (return address is provided in the RUP). Returning at a Service Point is possible too.
The OBU must be returned in good working order, undamaged and complete i.e. together with the battery, the power cable and the 4 suction cups of the OBU, in order to get your deposit reimbursed.

In accordance to the Satellic General Terms & Conditions and to the Satellic OBU Deposit Refund Policy, Satellic will independently assess with regard to the repayment of the OBU Deposit, and this decision, which will be communicated to the e-mail address you provided to Satellic, will be final and not be open for any appeal.
If Satellic assesses that you have the right to a repayment of the OBU Deposit and if a valid bank account (IBAN and BIC) number has been entered at the Service Point or on the Road User Portal, your OBU deposit will be refunded within 30 days after the reception of the returned OBU.

IMPORTANT! Please check if you have specified your bank details. We can’t process the refund without valid bank account details.

You are not allowed to break the seal of the battery compartment in any circumstances, except if you chose a fixed installation (it is then allowed to do so to replace the external power cable and to remove the battery).
You are only allowed to remove the rechargeable battery if you are required to do so due to safety regulations (ADR/ATEX transport).

For more information, please read the manual Return an OBU.


All the data that are transferred are encrypted. This ensures that the user’s privacy is protected at all times. You can always see how many kilometres you or your drivers have driven, but not on exactly which routes they were driving. Since July 2016, you can opt for journey visualisation on the Road User Portal. By doing so, you  allow Satellic to track the full journeys. These data are yours and can be accessed via the Road User Portal. Journey visualisation is a free, value added service.