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The road network

All heavy goods vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of more than 3.5 tonnes, as well as all semi-trailer tractors of the N1 category with a body code BC (regardless of their weight), must have a working On Board Unit (OBU) in Belgium. When registering, please always enter the Gross Combination Weight Rating (GCWR), which is the point of reference for the definition of the weight.

The Flemish, Walloon and Brussels-Capital regions have determined the road network. For more information, we recommend that you visit the Viapass website.

The tariffs applicable in the Belgian regions

Belgium consists of three regions. Each region is responsible for its own roads and infrastructure, and sets its taxes or fees independently.

In the Flemish and Brussels-Capital regions, the kilometre charge is a tax. In the Walloon region, where the roads are managed by Sofico, the kilometre charge is a fee subject to VAT.

The tariffs have been set by the three regions. For more information about the tariffs, visit the Viapass website.