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Some vehicles are exempted from paying the Kilometer Charge, some vehicles are out of the scope of the Kilometre Charge. For precise information, download the 'Clarifying table with examples of vehicles that may or may not be subject to the toll' on the Viapass website.

The following vehicles are exempt from the toll regulations:

  • Vehicles used solely for and by defence, civil defence, fire and police departments, and which are recognisable as such;
  • Vehicles which are specially and exclusively equipped for medical purposes and which are recognisable as such;
  • Farm, horticultural and forestry vehicles that are used only to a limited extent on public roads in Belgium and which are used solely for agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture and forestry.

Vehicles out of the scope of the Kilometer Charge

Some machine-vehicles are out of scope of the Kilometre Charge to the extent that they do not transport goods, such as cranes, telehandlers / lifts, excavators, bulldozers, concrete pumps without mixer and dumpers. 

Other vehicles such as:


  • Vehicles with a test drive license plate type ZZ, solely used according to the terms of the Royal Decree of January 8, 1996 on the rules on the registration of commercial number plates for motor vehicles and trailers.
  • Oldtimer vehicles with an O-license plate used only under the terms of article 2, 7 ° of the Royal Decree of March 15, 1968 relating to the technical conditions of vehicles.
  • Training vehicles insofar they meet the following conditions: they have dual controls in the cabin, they carry no goods (except for educational purposes, such as concrete blocks), they are externally recognizable by the name "drivers school" on the cabin, they are registered in the name of a drivers school or a social fund for Transportation and Logistics

Procedure to request for exemption: 

The owners of a vehicle that falls into one of the exemption categories can find all necessary information on the Viapass - website.